Montessori Objectives for Westside Montessori School

  • To recognize and affirm the individuality of each child
  • To provide an environment wherein each child may grow according to his own needs
  • To help each child develop in a way natural to him, so that he may remain in touch with his own nature and develop a respect for the work in which he lives
  • To help children develop a social structure among themselves which originates from the contrasting needs of the individuals and the group

Our programs serve the needs of families with children aged eighteen months through 14 years old.


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WMS Portrait-of-a-Graduate

High schools our graduates are accepted to include:

  • Tenney School
  • The British School
  • The Post Oak School
  • School of the Woods
  • St. Angels Academy
  • Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School
  • The Village School
  • The Awty International School
  • Flushear High School
  • Cinco Ranch High School