Toddler Primary Class Placement

When your toddler moves into the early childhood (primary) level, their placement is based on several factors.  These factors include – the needs of the classroom (as stated in the school’s application); availability for 3 year olds, gender, the child’s temperament and personalities.  All factors are considered in determining a good match for the early childhood class and your child.  In the past parents have requested a particular teacher for their child’s new early childhood class.  Placement is determined according to the needs of each classroom; therefore, we are unable to accommodate a parent’s request for a specific teacher.

Our goal is to continue your child’s Montessori education at WMS.  Parents are choosing a method of education for their child that can successfully be carried out in any of our 4 early childhood classrooms and on into our elementary program.  All of our teachers work hard and present the same curriculum to their students.  We want our parents to choose WMS for its educational reputation instead of shopping for a particular teacher.  We hope that parents understand that requesting certain teachers creates unnecessary competition and favoritism among the teachers.  Sometimes this information is based on other parents’ comments outside the school environment.  Please rest assured and trust that your child’s toddler teacher, early childhood teacher and administration are working in the best interests of your child when placing them in an early childhood class.

If the need arises, the teaching staff and administration are available to discuss the school’s policies regarding toddler transition.


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