Parent Resources

Sites for Parents

The National Center for Education Statistics – www.nces.ed.govThe Council for American Private Education (CAPE) is a coalition of national organizations and state affiliates serving private elementary and secondary schools.

Car Safety Seats – www.healthychildren.orgAmerican Academy of Pediatrics

Child Safety Seat Ease of Use Ratings – – A listing of child safety seats based on ease of use

Texas – – Texas Child Safety Seat Laws 2013

Houston Area Independent Schools – –  Designed to showcase the uniqueness of Houston’s private, independent educational community.  This site offers the opportunity to explore alternatives that provide the best learning environment for your child.

Montessori and Educational Association Sites

 American Montessori Society (AMS) – www.amshq.orglearn about teacher training with AMS.

 American Montessori Internationale (AMI) – www.amiusa.orgwww.ami-montessori.orgthe original organization to promote the ideas and principles of Maria Montessori; trains teachers and accredits schools.

The North American Montessori Teacher’s Association (NAMTA) – www.montessori-namta.orga resource of information about Montessori education, for parents, teachers and administrators.

The International Montessori Index – www.montessori.edua public service website organized to provide detailed information on Montessori education to the public.  Information for parents and teachers, practical suggestions for using Montessori philosophy in homes and classrooms, links to Montessori schools, conferences, teacher training courses, organizations, educational materials, and other valuable sites.

Montessori Teachers Collective – www.moteco.compromoting the health and good humor of Montessorians everywhere.

Michael Olaf Montessori Company – www.michaelolaf.netMontessori toys, books, games, tools, music, and other educational and fun materials – for children from birth to age twelve at home and in school.

Montessori Online – www.montessori.orgthe online resource center provided by the Montessori Foundation and the International Montessori Council.

Parent Child Press – – books promoting parenting, Montessori education, art education and the spiritual growth of children.


Sites for Children

The Green Guide for Kids              www.thegreenguidefor

 The TV-Free American          

TV Turnoff Network encourages children and adults to watch much less television in order to promote healthier lives and communities.

Parent Involvement Program

The success of Westside Montessori depends upon parental involvement.  WMS has experienced continuous growth and support through fundraising, social events and daily enrichment programs with the children.  The goal of establishing WMS was to create a parent cooperative as an authentic Montessori school, in accordance with the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori.

The rewards of parent involvement have been essential to WMS community life.  Volunteer programs contribute to all aspects of the school and are based on a wide range support from parents based on their own skills and available time.

Contributions include listening to the children reading in the classroom, participating on the Board of Directors, providing nutritious snacks and treats at holiday parties or by helping with equipment upkeep and seasonal gardening.  Parents lead the fundraising activities, family picnics and social events throughout the year.  A full listing of all activities and programs is available from the office and is updated regularly on the WMS Parents’ Page.


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