Parent Volunteer Organization

Westside Montessori is a Parent Volunteer Organization

At Westside Montessori School parents assume many activities, thus leaving the Directress staff free to devote their energies to the needs of the children.  The Head of School devotes her time to the staff and parent needs.  Parents have been willing to shop for school supplies, sew, paint, participate on the Board of Directors, raise funds, make small repairs to the classrooms and playgrounds and listen to the children read.  In the past, parents have also helped organize social events throughout the year.  The school depends on the active involvement of all of our families.  It is the children who benefit so enormously from such parental involvement.

Westside Montessori School was successfully established financially through the donations and the support of the founding parent body.  The school appreciates the continued financial support of its existing parent body, as it remains a Tax-Free, Non-Profit Educational Organization.

A way in which the parents may be more actively involved is to be a part of the School’s Board of Directors, which has responsibility for maintaining the fiscal health of the school.  Members are elected for a term of three years and elections are held annually.

Quality, both in the loving and nurturing programs that the children receive and the materials with which they work and play, is the hallmark of Westside Montessori.  This goal has motivated the staff and parents in all their endeavors.

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